What is the ADHD Awareness Color?

Lovers of historical movies and TV shows, especially those telling stories about European royalty, are probably aware of the significance of colored ribbons. During the Middle Ages in Europe, colored ribbons could be given to knights only by the king as tokens of their sworn allegiance to the royal house. A specific ribbon represented each royal house. Later on, the rebel Puritan army, fighting under Cromwell against the royal kings, adopted the practice with a yellow ribbon to demonstrate their defiance. Later, the US Army in the American Revolutionary War took on the yellow ribbon as a symbol of the same defiance against royal rule.

An orange ribbon for ADHD Awareness
Ribbons symbolize feelings, relationships and emotions

What is the purpose of a colored ribbon today?

Organizations and communal groups generally use ribbons as a visible symbol. They can promote general awareness of a disease or allow people to signify that they are aware of, or perhaps have been personally affected by, that condition. By displaying colored ribbons around college campuses, neighborhoods, and in public places where others can see them, they are announcing their solidarity with the community affected by ADHD. They can also declare that the sufferers are not alone in their battle. 

Who decides on the color of a ribbon?

The ribbon is a symbol, and no organization, body, company or person can own it. Hundreds of organizations and charities have adopted ribbons for their own symbol, and many of them share the same color.

Which color is the ADHD ribbon?

Orange ribbon indicates ADHD awareness
The orange ribbon symbolizes ADHD Awareness

By joint agreement, most ADHD-support organizations have chosen Orange as the color of the ADHD ribbon, although some supporters have opted for a different color for local reasons, where Orange has some specific cultural meaning that’s not in keeping with the goal of symbolizing ADHD.

What are the significant characteristics of Orange?

By tradition, Orange combines red, the symbol of pure energy, with yellow, the symbol of happiness. This creates an association with joy and sunshine. Orange represents enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, and stimulation.

To the human eye, orange gives the sensation of warmth, but is not as aggressive as red. Orange produces an invigorating effect, and stimulates mental activity. It is associated with healthy food so it boosts appetite. In heraldry, orange was symbolic of strength and endurance.

Orange is also very visible, so it will catch a viewer’s attention and highlight the most essential elements of the message.

Family holds an orange ribbon for ADHD awareness

How is the ribbon associated with ADHD Awareness Month?

The ADHD ribbon is closely associated with ADHD Awareness month, which always takes place in October. The whole month of October will be focused on the theme “Common Questions, Reliable Answers”. The 2021 event will be sponsored by ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association), ACO (ADHD Coaches Organization) and CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), three organizations devoted to serving people with ADHD.

In what forms can you display an ADHD Awareness symbol?

Although ribbons are the traditional symbols of awareness, there are many attractive new decals, merchandise and products that, by incorporating the main color, can be displayed to demonstrate awareness of and solidarity with the ADHD community. These range from T-shirts, jewelry, mugs and plates, through to phone cases and mouse pads. 


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