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What and When is ADHD Awareness Month?

ADHD Awareness Month starts October 1.

Annual ADHD Awareness Month kicks off on October 1 and runs all month – offering community resources, educational opportunities and unique ways to participate and share your story.

This year’s theme is “Common Questions, Reliable Answers” and the 2021 event is sponsored by ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association), ACO (ADHD Coaches Organization) and CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) , three organizations serving people with ADHD.

Some History behind ADHD Awareness Month

ADHD Awareness month started in 2004, when the US Senate passed a resolution designating September 7 as “National AD/HD Awareness Day”. The resolution’s advocates at that time were ADDA, National Mental Health Association, and CHADD.

Since then, the idea of the day has ballooned into a full month, supported by many of the leading organizations involved in research and support of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and marked by it’s own ADHD color. 

In 2018, as part of ADHD Awareness Month, ADDA created TADD Talks, where an expert each day of awareness month added one short recording. You can listen to the 2018 TADD Talks by clicking on TADD Talks for ADHD Awareness! 

For the 2019 TADD Talks, sign up to listen, to the professionals speaking about ADHD Clutter, Working Memory, Mindfulness and ADHD, the subject for that year.

The Main Sponsors of ADHD Awareness Month 2021


A 501(c) non-profit association committed to serving as a resource for coaches and for the public, providing a community for ADHD coaches to come together and grow in supportive and successful ways. Key values are Excellence, Education, Advocacy

ACO envisions a world where ADHD coaches are known and highly prized, respected, and sought after for their ability to help clients achieve goals and realize their full potential; a world where every person living with ADHD knows about coaching, and can easily find and work with an ADHD coach who is a perfect match for their needs. ACO endorses and supports certification for coaches through the PAAC, ICF, IAC, and CCE.


ADDA is a worldwide inclusive community of supportive ADHD adults who make it possible to thrive with ADHD in today’s world. They are building a culture that celebrates ADHD and empowers its members to discover and reach their potential. They support adults with ADHD, provide a welcoming and safe environment, delivering reliable information, encouraging innovative approaches and modeling ADHD best practices.

ADDA’s purpose is to make it possible for adults with ADHD to thrive. Their stated mission is to empower adults with ADHD to discover and reach their potential.

ADDA’s culture is inclusive, supportive, creative, credible and intentional.


CHADD believes in improving the lives of people affected by ADHD. In working towards their mission, the behavior of the CHADD staff and volunteer leadership is determined by the core values of integrity, respectful & open communication, the quality of their work product and productivity in their work effort, to assure sustained customer satisfaction, flexibility and teamwork.

They work with a demonstrated commitment to diversity in all its forms, dedicated to fulfilling CHADD’s mission with passion and enthusiasm.

What Should ADHD Awareness Month Achieve?

The goal of ADHD Awareness Month, says ACO President Tamara Rosier, is to “raise awareness, provide reliable information, remove the stigma, and highlight the available supports that enable individuals and families to thrive with ADHD.”

Another objective is to encourage the spread of information about the disorder in order to increase understanding. By using modern channels through social media and the internet, it’s become much easier to share accurate information about ADHD. This way, you can become a part of impactful conversations, and can help increase positive thinking and action that benefits those living with the disorder. 

A goal of the awareness month is to spread and change the ambiance of the culture surrounding ADHD. To do this, CHADD reports that “The coalition has collected the top questions about ADHD to be answered by internationally respected researchers and ADHD professionals.”

Starting October 1, the professionals’ responses to the questions and associated infographics will be posted on the coalition’s  ADHD Awareness Month website, Facebook page, and Twitter. New questions and answers from leading experts will be added each week throughout October.”

How to Participate in ADHD Awareness Month

ADHD Awareness Month starts annually on October 1

There’s a whole world ready for you to learn from, and bring your ADHD stories to at the ADHD Awareness web portal. You’ll note that the ADHD color calls awareness to this month and starting at the beginning of October, meaningful questions and insightful answers will be shared by world renowned experts in the field.

Already, dozens of articles have been posted under the “Myths & Facts” tag, which dispense helpful answers to questions that you may be confronted with from supposed “experts” as answers, when they are no more than myths and legends.

There are pages where you can submit your own contributions in Memes, Art, and Stories! Make readers laugh, cry, think, and get you a chance to win a prize!

ADHD Awareness Month allows you to share your stories with the world, and to share the world’s stories to enrich your own life.

Learn more about the ADHD Awareness Video Contest conducted in 2019. They have many fascinating short videos made by kids, teens and adults with ADHD, by parents and care takers, and by experts. ADHD Awareness Month will bring you much information and entertainment – visit the website.

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